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We slip so far away, we taste sundried feelings
So much to say out loud to you
DonТt hesitate to shout before pulling needles
So fast we go, canТt ever let go

Wait no more

So tell me what score to take
Last thing to remember
Between the possible truth accept
I feel perfect, say it


There is someone at my door
Calling my name asking how to be free again
Long time, long way have to go
And it makes me go mad
One way to go, wonТt let anything distract my eyes
You got me say, donТt pay, thereТs more than just one
Delete the pain, I do anything, do your thing
To run away and to
Come close to what is gone

You are so far away
No chance to catch feelings
WonТt hear you scream, youТre out of voice
Go get a grip and find the point to begin with SO
IТll wait for you, wonТt ever let go

So tell me how to survive
Stick pieces together
Draw thick and powerful lines, behold
I see you getting harder


We are so farЕ
So much to sayЕ
Turn off the brakesЕ
DonТt hesitateЕ

So show me howЕ
Before my eyesЕ
Just grab your faithЕ
ThatТs in your brainЕ


from LIE (Love Is Eternal), released July 13, 2012



all rights reserved


NAILY Санкт Петербург, Russian Federation

Naily is a unique symbiosis of aggressive modern metal with elements of core-music, a brightly expresed electronic component and a truly spiritual and memorable choruses. This band, like ice wind, broke into the Russian alternative music straight from the heart of the North - the distant city of Murmansk. ... more

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